Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moving......on to new things....better things.....and a new face to.....SUGAR PLUM CAKES!!!!

We have been in the process of moving ourselves to bigger and better things. Stay posted people. I didn't forget about you....or myself. Thanks to all 10 of you!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hansen 50th Anniversary

Everything is fixed and FINALLY I'm able to post these pictures. ***Sigh....

I had a great oppurtunity to be a part of a wonderful celebration. I feel blessed. Blessed to have known the couple for the majority of my life. Blessed to see them often at family functions. Blessed to call them Uncle and Aunt. This marriage is of willingness, hard work and L-O-V-E. This is a humble couple who expresses appreciation and loves EVERYONE easily and generously. With their children and grandchildren, family and friends by their side to help celebrate such an occasion, we say thank you to Ed and Ana Hansen for such a true example of 50 years of devoted marriage.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only enough....

I've been struggling physically to do my job(s)....wife, mom, nanny, baker, doctor, etc. As moms we know how difficult it is to handle multiple children when one or two are ill. But throwing mom into the "sick pool" is like the end of the world. Nothing functions right. All because mom's sick. That's what it's been like for the past couple of days. And of course the domino effect kicks in and hits the whole family. By the time my children got home from school yesterday, the only phrase that I could utter to them was "I only have enough energy to....". My poor kids...I can't remember what I fed them last night for dinner cause it was more about "eat and then go to sleep so mommy can go lay down". Woke up this morning to feeling weak, AGAIN and convinced myself that I only had enough energy to check my email, check my FB (or my hubby's cause I'm a loser that can't use her own) and post pics from this past weekend. If there are any errors in this blog, sorry but I have not intentions to correct them cause I only have enough energy to write's a lil sick humor for ya! Enjoy the pics while I pray to the Delsym gods for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Like I mentioned in my previous post from way back when...I took time off to focus on my extended family and their endeavours- FRYBREAD! With a little bit of practice, long hours and tweaking of old ways we have now created by far, the best frybread out there...

And YES...we are the home of the FAMOUS Strawberry Delight (*Please note- these are actual photos of our product and not some googled image! What can I say? I'm soooooo proud of what we offer! Also, they taste as good as they look.)

Ok, enough about my 3rd job...on to what drives me to blog....CAKES. I'm so glad to be back and couldn't wait to post my latest creation. Happy 1st to the beautiful Vaisioa Moli, daughter of Miki Moli and Faustina Tukuafu. Thank you so much Faustina for allowing me to create such a piece for your daughter!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I promise I'll be back....

I know I've neglected my blog... and YES, I'm still alive people. We've hit FRYBREAD season pretty hard this year and hope to reap the benefits in our upcoming year. I am still doing cakes. Just took this last part of summer off to focus on what my extended family is trying to do. If you haven't tried FRYBREAD, you haven't lived yet. So come out and pick one up! Our next event will be this Friday, August 7th @ the WVC Cultural Celebration Center. The event is hosted by Black Sand Media Group. Here's a lil info on the event:

So come one, come all and have a GREAT time! And look for the Red and Yellow sign with the best FRYBREAD EVER!!!!!!